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Philippine Fashion Week 2010: Day 2

it's day two of fashion week :)

the weather was a little bit gloomy today so it was the best time to wear some colorful blazer with boots. i know this outfit is so casual but i think this is my favorite outfit out of all those i've worn for fashion week (even if this was the only outfit not photographed by any magazine whatsoever). i am in love with the pink + black + gray combination...and this lace top that my friend abby gave me is just perfection! it adds a nice touch to the whole outfit. thanks again abbs :)

i was feeling a little bit under the weather and i was running a bit late for the show. traffic was so baaaad because it started to rain!!! i immediately went home after one show because i was feeling tired and hungry all at the same time. still, i did enjoy the show because i was making crazy criticisms with my best friends. hey, we have the right to judge! we're buyers, after all =P

oh, it was pink day today for me and my best friend! we also spotted liz uy wearing a pink blazer! and i'm also wearing paige's pasalubong for me from f21 :) sucha lovely necklace!!!! thanks again paige xx

with supermodel wilma doesnt

liz uy sporting a pink blazer also with lady gagita

 thrifted blazer and chained sling bag
lace top given by a friend
gray jeans from SM
B Club booties
f21 necklace
kultura beaded cuff
cocktail ring from a bazaar

here are some photos from the show. 
we were seated at the third row so we had a good glimpse and were able to take close up photos of the models and their garments.

Luxe Wear A Collection featured designers such as Anthony Cesar Ramirez, Aztec Barba, Bo Parcon, Dave Ocampo, Dax Bayani, Dodjie Batu, Donn Delantar, Edgar Buyan, Edwin Alba, Emi Alexander Englis, Gil Macaibay, Melvin Lachica, Pablo Cabahug, Pencil Diestra and Roel Rosal.

 basically, some designs were boring but overall, the show was so-so for me. i guess i am not a fan of gowns? i did love the grecian dresses though...wonder if grecian will make a come back this time around??? lots of yellow too and warrior-like details on the dresses. HMMMM....do you like?
oh, the "nyoras" (veteran supermodels) like wilma doesnt, marina benepayo and raya mananquil graced the runway...
highlight of my night :) :) :)

too bad i wasn't able to catch the next show with tina daniac and bang pineda that robbie carmona directed :( 
paige and lloyd said it was awesome!!! xx


Toni said...

lovely outfit KD! i love your lace top! :)

KD faustino said...

thanks toni xx

libys11 said...

you look stunning in that pink blazer and lace top!!! love it!! :D

KD faustino said...

oh why, thank you lovely xx