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Philippine Fashion Week 2010: Day 1


may 26 marked the start of philippine fashion week holiday collection for 2010. i got so excited because i haven't been out in the metro lately plus i get to watch almost everyday! thanks to my beloved friend paige who knows someone who knows someone. thank God he went home from Florida for fashion week :) 

it started a little bit rough for me last wednesday because it was brownout and i had to dress up in the dark and in the midst of the sweltering afternoon! nonetheless, a professional as i am, i was there on time donned in my brownout-thought-of clothes. i just got a new haircut and (i was supposed to flat iron my hair but we have no electricity) i still don't know how to style it properly so forgive the messy hair...actually no, i am thegirlwiththemessyhair after all :) 

thrifted jumpsuit
vintage blazer
opaque leggings
SM booties
australian chained bag
girlshoppe accessories

here are some pictures from the visions and trends runway show c/o stylebible

my favorites were harley ruedas and enrico carado. i love harley ruedas' because of the graphic prints of the philippine icons in his garments. i find it so quirky yet very wearable. its like a high-fashion version of team manila. i love the black and white color palette too because it added more drama and vintage-ness to the clothes.

i love enrico carado too (not only because he's the reason why we were in the show) because of the fierceness of his collection. its tribal, warrior-esque but with a modern twist. i love the details in his clothes and i could definitely see myself wearing his clothes sans the headdress of course (although i love love love the headdresses!)

congrats to our friend/model Lady Garidan for the fab walks she strutted down the runway!

as soon as the lights and the music turned on, i got so giddy in my seat! i felt like i was back in my element once again...it was so dramatic! LOL :) can't hardly wait to share with you the other photos for fashion week...this is just the beginning!!! 
ciao bellas xx

i was spotted by stylebible and cosmo when i wore this look so if you see anything, please send me the link. thank you xx


Toni said...

i am beyond envious KD! id love to be there and witness all the awesomeness! if only Manila was a bus ride away from Cebu.. :c

chic outfit! i love your ur booties! :)

toni perfumedredshoes.blogspot.com

KD faustino said...

awwww! that's too bad toni :( its okay, i will update you with the happenings in the shows :) thanks for visiting my blog again xx

Pauline Reyes said...

Something to look forward to XD

~Pauline @Kallony