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of indigo and acid

well, well, well....LOOK WHO'S BACK!!!!

yes lovelies, i am definitely trying my best to take my blog back to where it all started...outfit posts! the summer heat was really tough to beat and i've been hearing a lot of filipino bloggers complaining about how summer makes it difficult for them to wear fashionable clothes. i was (still am) one of these people. i tried my best to go out in the city as much as i can but alas, all my trips were headed to the beach. yes, that would explain why you haven't seen me posting up outfit posts in my blog for over 2 months, i think. i did enjoy all of my trips and i think this is the best summer to date! sadly, i think the zambales trip is the last one for this summer :(

so next week is fashion week!!!! 
i think i am going to three shows this year as opposed to the two shows i saw last year. i can barely contain myself because finally i'll be able to go out in the metro and wear real city clothes. i am already thinking about the outfits but most of them involve shorts. i guess it will be really hard to say goodbye to summer this year. the heat is still unbearable, sad to say :( 

i finally found an oversized ray ban aviator!!!! YAY!!!! and oh, i am planning a DIY session this weekend. that's it for now! ciao, bella! xx

purple acid washed tank top from my mom's closet
thrifted denim polo
people are people distressed jeans
possibility by the ramp gladiator heels
silver cocktail ring
ray ban aviator


Toni said...

great outfit, KD! and your heels are TDF! :)

toni perfumedredshoes.blogspot.com

KD faustino said...

thank you dear xx