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never underestimate the power of hanes

when i say i'm back, i mean it. happy friday everyone!!!

today started a bit rough for me but i easily bounced back and thought, "haters gonna hate. let them. get back to work." i've been through something like this so i know how to deal. i've always followed this mantra: "Treat everyone with respect even those who are rude to you — not because they are nice but because you are." and thank God too because i believe in the golden rule.

moving on, i did some DIY last week and it was this hanes shirt that i converted into an off-shoulder top. i just patterned it with my off shoulder top from zara. i think i need to put a string at the back too like that of zara's to keep it in place. although i love a plain shirt because it is easily to mix and match, i am planning to do another DIY with this hanes shirt. i plan to sew my old bib necklace to one of the shoulders to make it more non-casual looking. of course i will share it with y'all when i'm finished :)

so there you have it, your old hanes shirt transformed. not just one but two possibilities...probably even more! tell me if you have more ideas! 
je t'aime xx

hanes DIY off shoulder top
thrifted zebra skirt
thrifted laced up boots
straw hat
 kultura beaded cuff
necklace made by a friend 


Toni said...

for real?! thrifted boots?! you are one lucky girl, KD!

and one totally rockin' outfit!

toni perfumedredshoes.blogspot.com

KD faustino said...

yes for real :) guess how much i got it for? :) P80!!!!! now that's a steal! :) thank you toni xx

rouli said...

amazing post!!!!!!!!

love ur outfit!!!!!!!!

my favs are ur skirt and boots!!!!!

love ur blog!!!!

thanx for ur sweet comm:))



ayşegül said...

Ohh my god what a beatiful blog.

see you.. by :))

KD faustino said...

thanks for your lovely comments lovelies :) you guys made my day xx

michelle_ said...

i love ur zebra bodycon skirt very much !
im follwoing ur blog :)

KD faustino said...

thanks for the love michelle xx

Hanes Shirts said...

skirt with awesome shoes!
u lookin good:)