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taking it to the streets

 i want the "lovely" necklace!!!

 loving this soft look on audrina

 one of my fave looks from SJP

 summer strolling perfection!

want all their shirts!

 wishing for the day when biker jackets will be weather-appropriate in the coutry again!

 loving the satin top with the blazer and wide-legged pants

oh nicole, you made me happy seeing you in this outfit :)

love your shoes, olivia and the shoes of the person behind you too!

saving the best for last: ovesized sweater- CHECK, chanel bling- CHECK, floppy hat- CHECK 

i'm so sorry for the lack of my own outfit posts lately. the weather makes it really unbearable to dress up and to even go out. you'll see a lot of my posts lately are from my travels and even if my blog is 3/4 about fashion, what is left are for my travels which includes a lot of trips to the beach. i hope that the weather makes it tolerable for all of us soon to be able to strut our stuffs and werq it again! i am planning to change my banner soon when i have the time, too! i'm making it more personal and a real gist of what my blog is all about. please bear with me a little longer, thank you lovelies :)

lemme leave you with this:

You and I loved each other. And then you broke my heart. I've been doing everything possible not to face that fact. Im gonna kiss somebody someday, and when I do, it'll be for me

-Blair Waldorf-

 gawd, i miss watching Gossip Girl :(

and oh, premiere episodes of The Hills and The City today! YAY!!!!

turn your TVs on! 


ciao for now!


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