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monday inspirations

this Balmain jacket never ceases to amaze me! i love it with the red bandana!

the style of this romper can easily look tacky but this girl really worked it! nice combination with the sneakers and all the layering.

i wish all men would dress like this! definitely head to toe FLAWLESS! i want to bring him home to mama.

another head to toe flawless look. i love the paper bag shorts and the oxfords with socks!

this made me miss wearing tights since it is too hot in the country today. love how the colors are not matchy matchy but it worked!

i miss seeing papparazi pictures of these two! i always love how they put together their outfits. i wish mischa would come around too!

although the outfits are barely seen, there is something about this photo that i love.

this is an old photo of the GG couple but i love how they both look here!

i would definitely wear every single thing in this ensemble. i would wear them all at once too!

haven't seen much people sporting the utilitarian look although it is a trend i would love to try!

i've realized that harems and jumpsuits are staples. it can make anyone look trendy at an instant!

haven't seen kate in a while...i love her  acid wash dress here! perfect for the Philippines' weather!

love the rock and roll ring the most but i love the nail polish, the rose ring and the chanel shirt too!

i don't know exactly what happens in coachella but i want to go and experience it sometime...
photo source: tumblr, chic muse, facebook, lookbook, songofstyle


mommy ek said...

kaya nga..I've heard a lot about coachella from twitter...bka its some kind of concert?! hehehe...

KD faustino said...

it is something like that actually cos i googled it. LOL! i just love the coachella outfits! i've learned about coachella when i was reading martine cajucom's blog a year ago.

camerafilmroll said...

"i wish all men would dress like this! definitely head to toe FLAWLESS! i want to bring him home to mama." I AGREE!