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Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Day


i've always wanted to make a change but i don't know what and how i should start. then one fine day, i decided to fill up a volunteer form for Habitat for Humanity. 
i've always believed in the vision of Habitat which is 
"Habitat for Humanity Philippines envisions a world where everyone has a decent place to live."
i thought Habitat would be a good start if i really wanted to give back. most of the organizations ask for monetary donations but i cannot help in that matter so i really commend Habitat for giving people like me a chance to share my God-given talent instead.

after a month, HFHP replied and sent me an e-mail regarding their current project which is the “BayaniJuan sa Calauan”. since i filled up the form all by myself, i asked some friends if they wanted to join me. there were friends who were willing to join but alas, they did not deliver. good thing there were kind souls like my high school schoolmate, Dette and twitter follower/friend, Kirk who were both present during the building date.

so what happened during the building date? it was definitely tiring. the heat of the sun took more toll on us than we've expected BUT it was all for a good cause. the word tired was far from my mind. i was motivated to give it my all and i kept in mind that someone out there would be glad he/she got a decent home to live. it was tiring but fulfilling all at the same time. definitely, a day i won't ever forget. 

to know more about the project, click more or visit the Habitat for Humanity site and become a friend.

my favorite task: RIVETING! such a daunting task but i love the challenge!
Riveting machines are used to automatically set (squeeze) rivets in order to join materials together.

you think this sand sieving is easy??? think again! i have a new found respect for construction workers.

another misconception! ang hirap pala mag-pala! mabigat sya, in fairness.

a lot of the other volunteers were Koreans. i hope though that more Filipinos will volunteer next time.

i had flashbacks of our "Palihan" in high school most especially cos of my outfit.

what kept me busy during breaks...i do not know how to bike but now i can!!! WOOHOO!!! and this is a mountain bike, mind you.

we have a small team but we are efficient! here with Engr. Tonton, Engr. Boyet, Kirk and Dette.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) 
is a non-profit ecumenical Christian ministry working to help build responsible and self-reliant communities by enabling Filipino families in need to acquire affordable, decent, and durable homes. Established in 1988 in the Philippines, HFHP is present in provinces and cities through its project offices. HFHP is one of 90 countries affiliated with Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) based in Georgia, USA.

“BayaniJuan sa Calauan”
A multi-sectoral undertaking called
“Kapit-Bisig Sa Ilog Pasig” headed by ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.
(AFI), was initiated to rehabilitate the river in seven years. AFI,
together with HFHP and other partner institutions have joined
together to save the families along the riverbanks from potential
trage...dy by allowing them to resettle in a healthy and sustainable
community called BayaniJuan sa Calauan, located in Calauan,
Laguna. The initiative seeks to provide homes for at least 4,000
Filipino families coming from the Pasig riverbanks.

House repair

Bryg. Sto. Tomas (Site 1) and Brgy Dayap (Site 3), Calauan Laguna

ABS CBN Foundation

1. ABS CBN Foundation - lead organization of the entire project, Kapit Bisig para sa Pasig River
2. Globe Asiatique - materials for housing
3. Manila Water Corporation - access to clean water and sanitation
4. LGU of Calauan, Laguna - building permits and access to local volunteerism
5. DENR - protection of the adjacent river and water sources
6. Ayala Land - for total planning of the relocation site
7. Caritas Manila for values and spiritual formation of the communities.

until my next volunteering day :)
i will wear sunblock and won't ever forget my protective gloves ever again.

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