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for the love of coachella

who doesn't love coachella? 
even if i haven't been to any of the coachella music festivals, i have this slight hint of what it is all about (thanks to martine cajucom who opened my eyes to coachella and the fab fashion it brings). 
of course, who can miss the fashion in coachella? 
it is one of the best things about coachella! the laid back, chillax look but with a certain je ne sais quoi (my fave look forever!) is the standard for any coachella outfit. and now that coachella has come to an end, it is time for judgment!

the best dressed individuals for me for 3 days no-fail would have to be 
(drumroll please...)
Kate Bosworth and Whitney Port :) :) :)

like what i've said in my last entry, i love this acid washed dress on Kate. i think this is the winner out of all the coachella outfits!

i think this outfit is the "either you love it or hate it" outfit. as for me, it is LOVE!

i wish i can wear my lace top from abby soon! i love love love this whole look! exactly what i had in mind with my own lace top. 

whitney doing the print-on-print trend. it is so dead on! 

only Bosworth can make this crochet dress look chic instead of granny =)

i love the red against whitney's pale skin. i do wish she wore a different pair of shoes though.

and now here are other celebrities who brought it...
loving the DMs and the bright colored shoelace!

i love the whole bright yellow look but i find it too dressed up...or is it just paris??

head to toe flawless! i love the cropped top most especially :)

i don't understand why people are buzzing about kate hudson having a boob job because i don't think she did.

love the shoes and the hat :)

another head to toe flawless look from alessandra ambrosio. loving the floppy hat!

perfect romper and oxfords but i wish she accessorized and played with it more.

that belt bag is AWESOME!

loving the turquoise!

admit it, brandon boyd is sexy whatever he wears.

not loving kelly's look so much but i love luke worall's whole look...that shirt is awesome!

i love that top on you, kim!

now i want a denim romper too!

this is how you make a clubbin' outfit look like a coachella-appropriate outfit.

would've expected so much more from alexa...this is too safe.

oh kellan lutz, you are a PLAY boy!

Kristen, you make me question myself sometimes. LOL!

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! i would wear this dress.

loving that hat, jay-z.

another print-on-print look...rockin' it, i must say.

oh rachel bilson, you are too cute.

by now, kristin have mastered that sunny california girl style.


i've always been a fan of off shoulder tops. i think it's HAWT!

another fave of the season: the peek-a-boo top

can hardly see Zooey's outfit but she sure looks like she's having fun!

okay, i'm jealous and oh, i want vanessa's floppy hat!

and here are some random people who are chic in their own little world too...
this season is all about the floral. loving it on her with the braided belt! 

are those sequined shorts?

bringing jumper back, i like :)

so classy! love the shoes, the ruffled top and the hat! not sure about the skirt though. would've been better with shorts if you ask me.

cute headband, shorts and shoes. loving the cream!

another head to toe flawless look! i love the oversized vest so much!

can't get enough of rompers!

oh!!!! love love love the tank dress!

another print-on-print look. i want to try this one time.


awesome boots, girly :)

cropped top is love.

photo source: tumblr and elle


mommy ek said...

I've been seeing a lot of denim rompers nga! Pero as if I can wear it here, di na yata iinit dito! Anong petsa na!!!

KD faustino said...

gosh ek if ure in the phil, u won't wish na uminit pa cos its too hot already!!!

Kookie B. said...

oh my, i LOVE Kate Bosworth's lace number!!!! Coachella fashion is my kind of fashion talaga! Wish I can wear carefree and lazy outfits everyday!

Thanks for this post, KD! Na-inspire ako! Haha!

KD faustino said...

me too kookie! i wish we can wear outfits like this everyday without people staring at us like we're weird....don't u just hate pinoys who do that? harrrr.... anyway, thanks! glad u liked it =)