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bye the hills, hello the city!

Lo:  ”So what happens next.  No really… what’s next?”
Lauren:  ”For the first time…. I don’t know.”

i think Lauren's style has really evolved all throughout the years.

one of the things i love about the hills...the hair :) :) :)

my style is actually more Audriana-ish rather than LC-ish. i love the colors in this photo right here!

i love kristin cavallari, no matter what you say bitches!

we had some good times. 
don't judge me but this show was (is) really one of my guilty pleasures.

i'm glad i still have THE CITY to look forward to.

i super love this look, partial on the shoe choice though.

i love whitney's quirky style. i won't say i'll wear all of them though.

i am loving the bag and the floral with the oxfords and the blazer.

i superrrrrrr love olivia! i think she's sooo pretty sans the attitude.

this look is head to toe FLAWLESS.

i am loving the stripes!

she can make even the simplest outfits look chic!

 olivia does menswear chic.

i am olivia-fied! this girl can do no wrong, can she???

photo source: tumblr



Great photos:)
& great inspirations,
like The Hills 2

Have a great sunday!


KD faustino said...

love love love the hills too! glad you liked it xx