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Thank God It's Friday!

i wish everyday is friday! i seriously do. i am uninspired lately. i seriously am.
i got a letter from the bosses today saying that my articles are unsatisfactory...which is a total bitch way to start my day. i wrote 3 articles today as opposed to the 10 or 20 articles i used to write every single day. it's sad to admit this but i think i'm at a point in my life wherein i need to have a crush. look at my outfit, it is so uninspired...i am trying to look happy in the picture even if i am not BUT i do love this recent skirt purchase though :)
last week was such a happy week. wonder what happened?? sudden 360 :(



Zara purple dress used as a top. skirt from Landmark. Janylin studded ballet flats. thrifted oversized blazer. random bracelets from a friend. cocktail rings.

i watched julie and julia again today hoping i can get some inspiration...only, it made me realize how pathetic my life is because i am not living in france and i am not too passionate with my writing. i love cooking shows but i'll never be a good cook. hell, even my blog sucks :(

but you know what or who makes me happy lately?
twitter. yes twitter. 
i have the best tweethearts who never ever fails to make my tummy hurt from laughing =)
i <3 you 

so sorry for the blurry 2nd picture


abby said...

cheer up! better days ahead. :)

KD faustino said...

awww. thanks abbs :)

t said...

That purple looks really cute on you! :)


KD faustino said...

oh thanks T :) xx