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two toned


so sorry if i've been absent from my blog lately. i'm now back to work after a week long vacation plus it's just too hot to dress up! to top it all of, my camera's self timer won't work. BOO! :(

nothing too special about the outfit today. just wanted to show you guys my two toned tights from Topshop. haven't really worn it cos it's really too hot in the country lately!

speaking of too hot, it's almost the holy week and that means THE BEACH!!! i'm going with my lovelies Aids, Lev, Jace, Jayvee and some other friends to Ilocos, baby :) :) :)
first time and i can't wait!!! plus i've missed my lovelies too much! last time we went out of town was 2008, i think, in Boracay. 

and as always, my question is, 

Tomato mini dress. oversized blazer from my uncle's closet. Topshop two toned tights. booties from SM. cocktail ring. thin bracelets.

am i the only one who thinks the tights make the legs look bigger?

shout out to aids and to my imaginary bf :)


Kookie said...

i have the same tights, KD! i have yet to wear it! you look great!

KD faustino said...

thanks kookie :)looking forward to ur post wearing it :)

Dane said...

Thank you for your super sweet comment.. I love your tights!

And yes, I do live in Boracay =)


KD faustino said...

thanks dane :) see u in bora soon :)

aidz said...

aha!!! yiheeeee it's my first time to comment. grabe na ang excitement! talagang binlog pa! hahahahaha!!!

miss youuuu soooo much! can't wait! pati sina jayvs and lev excited at looking forward narin sa kaingayan natin! see you soon mare! =)

KD faustino said...

yiiiiiz! we're talking about ilocos na nga in FB! mare, you should learn na how to comment esp. if im not around na! see you! love yewww.