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remember me


well, well, well... it was a rainy friday which brought so many happy faces in the country because FINALLY it rained! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THAT! 

i spent my rainy friday with my best friend watching Remember Me on its first showing day. sadly though, it wasn't a good movie for me. i was expecting a love story but it wasn't like that at all. Rob looked like he was mabaho (stinky) all the time and there was too much violence and too much make out scenes (that just made me envy Emile de Ravin). Rob's little sister in the movie was adorable though and the last few scenes were unexpected and it really did give me goosebumps. other than that, it was so-so for me.

i wore the top that my sister got for me when she was in the country and we had a shopping bonding spree in trinoma. the top caught my eye when i saw it but i've never had the chance to wear it until now. even if it rained, it was still too hot in manila, i must say. but i still wore my boots so my feet won't get wet...i did however folded the top part of the boots because it was cuter that way with this particular outfit :)

we also went to the urban bazaar. what we got? 
click more for the story.

Plains and Prints top. Zara harem pants. B Club booties. thrifted chained bag. cocktail rings.

the best friend and i got matching angel wing pendants from the Bead Lady (not so sure about this) because the best friend lost her (our matching) heart locket pendant(s). 
we were joking each other that "you are the wind beneath my wings" HAHA! 
but really it meant that, without the other wing, one wing can't fly...awww! 
aren't we cheesy? =P

fave quote from the movie,
"When you're having fun, you won't leave."

thank you for the bestfriend's genius shots!
it made my day, definitely.


abby said...

ngek i was planning to go there i'll ask you na nga lang if i should even bother haha mamaya di naman pala. you didn't check out zara? daming cute! :) wala na ung polka dot sling bag though parang mabilis sila magpalit ng stuff na.

KD faustino said...

we didn't :( kse too late na e. 7++pm na kme nakapunta sa mall then 8 un showing. we only had 30 mins to go to bazaar.

SoulePhenomenon said...

outfit's lovely lovely!

KD faustino said...

thanks lovely :)