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i'm now in the middle of my week long day off but up until now, i haven't been anywhere but home :( i planned to go on an alone trip to zambales but every single time i do plan something for myself, people turn up and they just go with me. whyyyyyyyy????? i feel like it's not meant to be...that i'm not yet meant to do it. whyyyyyy???

last monday though, i went thrift shopping and some of my finds are the ones that i was wearing here...i got this printed blazer and the laced up boots which when i saw by the way, i was in sheer utter delight that it fit me! it's so hard to find my size even in thrift stores :( and i thought that the boots is a total dead ringer for F21's version (except that this is not a wedge) and oh, remember these shorts? it was from my DIY sunday. if you missed it, click HERE.

what else did i get? 
click more for more.

thfited blazer and laced up boots. DIY thrifted denim shorts. tank top given by a friend. beaded cuff. cocktail rings.

i also got an Armani blazer!!! it feels so different! i'm telling you, the moment your arms go into the sleeves. WOW. it's so soft and warm. just WOW. 
plus i also got a harem jumpsuit...which is too perfect for summer if you ask me :)

i also did buy some DVDs. due to gela's insisting, i bought the vampire diaries and due to kirk's insisting, i also bought glee. i've finished the vampire diaries already in two days and i am hooked. JUST. LIKE. THAT. i've always had a crush with Ian Somerhalder since his Boone character in Lost but i am now liking him more than ever as Damon! vampire diaries is like twilight but it's a million times better cos it's a series!!!

also got: The Hurt Locker (lemme see what is up), Miss You Like Crazy and Everybody's Fine.

i wish i have SLR so i can show you guys a more decent picture :(


Anonymous said...

lovely finds! where do you go thrift shopping? :)

KD faustino said...

the finds here are from nova :)