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a little tan won't hurt


as i've told y'all, i went shopping last saturday and told you about my purchases too.
the skirt i'm weaing in this picture is one of the skirts i bought and the boots is also from last saturday's shopping. i wanted to buy the black one but they ran out of that in my size so i thought maybe it's time for me to allow a little brown/tan in my closet. a little tan won't hurt, right? plus i love all the cut-outs and the little studs in the boots so much!
and oh, do you remember this shirt? this was from my DIY project that you can find HERE.



DIY thrifted shirt. skirt from Landmark. Tonic boots. Charles and Keith chained bag. gold cuff and ring from bazaar.

so aside from shopping last weekend, 
i also watched "paano na kaya" (tagalog movie) on DVD. 
i must say, i did tire myself from crying too much there. HAHAHA!
i love that the movie's realistic and relate-able.
i love what gerald's character said about how seeing someone from our past makes us realize how much we've changed...how much we've moved on.
it's true. sometimes you think that you haven't moved on only to realize that all this time you've already done so much...you can be alone. you can be perfectly lonely.

just what fashion stylist/icon liz uy said, 
I'm perfectly lonely, 
cause I don't belong to anyone, 
nobody belongs to me. 
That's the way I want it :) 

that's my very sentiment too....at least for now.


libys11 said...

awesome diy!!!! loving reading philippine blogs since i miss a lot of things there since i moved here in canada! :D

Kookie B. said...

eek! i love the boots! i want to get one too!

KD faustino said...

kookie, you must! its so cheap! its 1,090 only in tonic! they have black, white and tan :)

KD faustino said...

Liby, where in canada are you? i might leave soon and migrate in canada! im going to alberta :)

abby said...

nagustuhan mo naman pala ung shot na yan eh sabi ko sayo maganda. lol...(ung userpic mo) cute nga nung boots at least sulit hehe...ano pano na round 2? hehe di naman super rush eh. haha...

KD faustino said...

yes, i love it :) its now my twitpic, my FB pic, my formspring pic, my chictopia pic...name it, i've uploaded it. LOL. thanks again :) ure the best at capturing my au naturel pics :)

about round two, if by the week ng 15 di kme matuloy sa zamba, lets shop nalang :) sayang ipon ko HAHA

mommy ek said...

sana mpanood ko ng buo ung paano na kaya..i watched it yesterday pero kc sa internet lang and putol ung before maging bf-gf sila kim and gerald...

love the DIY shirt! galing mo nman!

KD faustino said...

thanks ek :) watch it! it's nice! :) although long way to go ka pa if you stopped at that part :(