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inspired :)


i'm feeling a little better now...emotionally but physically, my throat is hurting a bit from too much smoke last friday. i hate bars without ventilation and i hate second hand smoke terribly :( 

so, i went to pivo last friday with ex with file number 2001. it was fun in a non-romantic way :) will tell you all about it shortly. but you must know i'm not inspired cos of him. the title pertains to blogger CHICMUSE. see, the hair? :)





oversized lace vest and cocktail ring given by a friend. thrifted zebra top. Zara harem pants. Janylin peep toe booties. DIY studded belt. black beaded cuff from SM. pearl necklace used as a bracelet. People are People shades.

the best thing about going out with your first bf is you don't ever have to impress him and he doesn't have to impress you too. jason said this, "remember how you always say 'why did i date you?' in a disgusted kind of way? well, you'll never really know the answer unless you meet them up after almost 10 years." so i realized, i liked jason cos he has a backbone. that's rare.
still, i am not forgetting the reasons why i broke up with him in the first place =P

see that bruise on my left leg? it's still the same one from new year! i'm kind of worried already :(

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