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strangely beautiful

"I don't like standard beauty. 
There's no beauty without strangeness."
Karl Lagerfeld

 photo source: tumblr and chicmuse

hello lovelies :)
i know that most of my posts lately are inspirations rather than my own outfit posts. i haven't been going out too much lately and if i do, i'm not in the mood to dress up or i just don't have someone to take the pictures for me. anyway, i am leaving tomorrow for ilocos and i'm sure there would be tons of pictures for me to share when i get back :) 
so bear with me just a little. 
i will be back next week. 
ciao lovelies! 
enjoy your holy week and don't forget to pray too.



i love this photos!!!!
pass to my blog and follow me :)

KD faustino said...

thanks francesca :)