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hello march!

  This is what I think is modern
It's like wearing a couture jacket 
with a pair of jeans.”
Karl Lagerfield

photo source: tumblr

so i told you i have a formspring account already and it is quite fun actually to answer silly questions from people you don't know anything about. the best thing about asking a stranger or telling a stranger about your life is that they won't judge you and even if they do, they don't really know you anyway. 

 here are the silliest and the most interesting questions i've answered in my formspring account. if you have any questions, just type it in the formspring box in my sidebar and to see my answers, you can click HERE.
and click more to see the questions and answers :)

how many times have you fallen in love?  
once :)

will you marry me?  

HAHAHA! i don't know how to react to this one. but lets just say...if you like it then put a ring on it ;P

what's your ideal guy?  

is there a character limit here? LOL. physically, i want someone who's tall...waaaaay taller than me so i can wear heels and he's still towering me, around 6" up. i also like guys who are chiseled but not bulky...lean. i don't like fair-skinned guys. if you're asking more than the physical, there's a lot but basically someone who doesn't belittle my ambitions and would do even the silliest things with me :)

When was the last time you received flowers?

this is sad :( i can't even remember. but maybe in the last year or two i did :)

Where would you like to spend your retirement?

a place in Paris wherein i can see the eiffel tower from my window from the moment i get up and have my coffee in the morning to the time when i'll go to sleep :) and oh, a beach house will be nice too :)

what's the theme song of ur life? 

right now it's unwritten by natasha bedingfield :)

if you're on idol, what song will you sing on ur audtions?

Thank You by Dido :)

if you were to make out with a girl celebrity, who would it be?

eva mendes :)

if you were to join the amazing race, who will be your partner and why?

my cousin karla because even if we'll probably shout at each other at times, we'll definitely push each other to our limits to win :) plus she's sporty too :)

what magazine do you wish you can be on locally and internationally? 

locally, i would want to be in preview or rogue :) internationally, no one beats vogue :)

who's on your speed dial?

my mom, my cousin karla and friends nezie, nelly, abby, and cha :)

If you were edible, what would you rather be? 

an ice cream so i can make everybody happy :)

What was the last text message you sent and to whom did you send it?

"wala, bahay lang" -sent to Jason Arellano

Kung makipag balikan sayo Ex-Bf mo, ano gagawin mo? 

depende sinong ex-bf pero as of now, NO sa kanilang mga repeaters! HAHA

If you had to give up one favorite food, what would the most difficult?


What would your perfect day look like?

a perfect day for me would be sitting on a beach with my best friends, laughing and drinking :)

Tatlong bagay na ayaw mo sa lalaki?

barok, baduy, tanga

anu ung mga relasyon na sana di mo pinasok?

those with L, J and M

you said ure single with 3 ex bfs, what are your songs NOW for each one of them?

1st bf- Taylor Swift's Fifteen
2nd bf- Kelly Clarkson's Because of You
3rd bf- JLo's I'm Feeling So Good

anu ang pinakamasakit na bagay na sasabihin syo ng taong mahal mo?

"may mahal na kong iba"

what's your fave smell?

the smell of anything new--a new bag, shoes, clothes...even school supplies back when i was still studying! :) :) :)

what's the one song you wish a guy would sing to you?

michael jackson's "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" :)

what's a perfect date for you?

an out-of-town beach trip will be the perfect date :) surfing in the morning then watching the sunset after getting stoked :)

however, i'm still a girly girl at times so a movie + dinner date is still the way to go :)

what's the perfect cheap gift to give you?

define cheap. LOL. i guess anything with the picture of eiffel tower in it. i'll accept a postcard with a lovely note at the back :)



Laura said...

I have the YSL rins and Chanel GST, I love Chanel...

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KD faustino said...

me too! CHANEL FOREVER! xx