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for the love of L.C. and L.O.

Lo: I don’t wanna sleep in a rented tent. That’s gross.
Lauren: There’s not even showers. Where do you shower? It’s like, you hang in like, one of those bags from a tree. Has a little spout thing.
Lo: Are you lying?
Lauren: No, I’m totally serious. You’ve never seen those in camping stores?
Lo: Do I go to camping stores?


 photo source: tumblr

i love these two soooo much since Laguna Beach.
i'm going to miss The Hills, i must admit.
and oh, this post is for the best friend who's going through a tough time now.
i'm here Nez, always.
i love you, bff!


mommy ek said...

I love this post cos I miss them!

O baket ano nangyare k nez?! and I thought sya lang wlang problema sa earth!

KD faustino said...

natawa naman ako sa comment mo! LOL! well, i'll just DM u :)

missing LC and LO too :( no more the hills :(