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caffeine fix


i started my day feeling a bit down but come afternoon, i called nelly and noel and told them to meet me up at CBTL for a quick caffeine fix and a little chitchat. i was feeling a little sad :(

it was too hot again so i thought this jumpsuit would be so perfect for a chillax afternoon. yes, i finally found the perfect jumpsuit for me! got this while thrift shopping last monday and i got it for a very very very cheap price! it was a TOTAL SCORE! not only that, the pants are harem too (however, i wore leggings underneath the jumpsuit so the harem cut will be emphasized)! 
super major comfy outfit!

thrifted harem jumpsuit and chained sling bag. leggings from my grandma's closet. Janylin studded ballet flats. Ray Ban aviators. Khush beanie. cocktail rings. horn necklace.


too cute or whuuuuut???

on the way home, i found out  that i lost 500 in breadtalk but i'm too tired to talk about it. 
anyway, there's no use in crying over spilled milk.

count your change before you leave and always check the receipt!

on a more serious note, i love what anel told me:
when in doubt, STOP.


Anonymous said...

Has Manila Street Style spotted you yet? You should really be on that blog. <3

KD faustino said...

awww your comment is too sweet :) thank you :) no they haven't spotted me yet but i love MSS :)


dyehlah said...

ate dang, where did you buy your aviators? i super love it and your other accessories! can i just have it, the aviators? hahaha

Toni said...

lovely outfit! and i does look really comfy ;)
you are so charming! :)


KD faustino said...

thanks gela (sent u a DM already in twitter about the aviators)and toni for your lovely comments :)


being miss east said...

awww i love your style.. you look sooo comfy and not to made up in a good way, of course... ;()

KD faustino said...

comfy chic FTW!