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with or without?


as you can see i did change my username from dangmuch to thegirlwiththemessyhair. i just couldn't stand people who are pestering my life so i risked the chance of losing some followers in exchange of some peace of mind. i'm so happy that life is so full of choices. i'm also happy that the word "delete" was invented and the settings "private" too :) delete people in your lives who are just insects and leeches. because mama taught me better, i will just delete you and shut up. lemme just say this, "Take a walk.... in my shoes. Unless you could see inside my head.... then you couldn't possibly understand."


cheetah printed blazer from my grandma's closet. Express black tank top. thrifted skirt. H&M pumps. blue liquid leggings given by my cousin. Girlshoppe necklace and cocktail ring. shades from bazaar.

about the outfit, do you like it with the leggings or without the leggings? lemme know :) 

i love yewwwwww all! :) :) :) 


abby said...

without nalang hehehe...:)

KD faustino said...

me too! im leaning towards the "without" :) i think dapat shorter skirt kapag with :)

abby said...

yeah too much na with the leggings siguro if tights pwede pa basta mas manipis na material.

KD faustino said...

yes ma'am :) will do that :) can't wait to buy more skirts! this one's overworn already! :(