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judging from my last post, you might think that i'm a cynic and i am bitter about love. 
sure, i've had a couple of bad break-ups and 
i am sure that i have shattered a couple of hearts too somewhere in time.
but i believe in love.
i still believe in love.
call me old fashioned but i love the madness in love.
i love the feeling of getting up each day knowing that someone out there loves you. 
i love the feeling of not being able to sleep because you are so mad with your partner but then you can't sleep because you know in your heart you still want to be with the same person tomorrow.
i love fighting for the smallest, stupid, ridiculous things and then making up for them. 
i love those silent little conversations and inside jokes that only two people can understand.
i love the feeling that you cannot live with this person but you cannot live without this person either. 

i was supposed to write about what my ideal guy would be like. 
i've been writing about it all week but i hesitated for some reason
not because i believe that there is no perfect partner 
but because i believe that love comes in many forms. 
love comes in different levels.
true love doesn't only mean romance and passion but sometimes true love means 
friends, family, dogs or whatever or whoever makes you feel happy.
i may not have the perfect partner or lover but i have true love
i have true love from my friends and my family and the best unconditional love from my dog. 
true love exists. 
as for romantic love, it can wait. 
it will wait.

the most important lesson i've learned about love? 
"Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions.
Those who REALLY love you will make you feel that you can become great."







thank you for believing in me.
thank you for being my true loves.
Peace, Love and Good Vibes  \m/ ♥ :)

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