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valentine's day

so, how did your valentine's day go y'all? :) 

i still have hangover from mine! exact day of vday, i had absolut peach with mom while watching the lovely bones and up in the air again. post-vday, i had dinner at cibo in rockwell with my bff nezie and had a movie marathon too with her, noel and nelly. watched dear john and valentine's day, back-to-back in one night! i think i got home around 2am and slept at 4!

i realized i haven't had a real valentine date for the past five years but God is good for giving me the best best best friends in the world and for not turning me into a pathetic bitter cynic bitch. LOL.










xoxo oversized gray cardigan. white tank top given by a friend. thrifted zebra skirt. anne klein tights. primadonna booties. australian chained bag. Jo eiffel tower pendant given by a friend. heart locket pendant from rockwell bazaar. girlshoppe heart ring. skinny black belt from a bazaar.

the reviews and lessons learned:

the lovely bones- 100% must-see! i love love this movie!!!! it made me cry while watching it and i even had a meltdown after watching it. if you have someone dear in your heart that died, this movie will definitely give you a stab in the heart. i missed toby again after i watched this :( 

up in the air- i know i've watched this already before and gave you a review but after watching it again, i loved this "please, please, let him earn more money than i do!

dear john- if i didn't watch this in the cinema with friends, it will literally be a crying fest! nezie and i were crying and then laughing at ourselves for crying. HAHA! you know what i learned? never ever break up with someone you still love because you will just hurt each other. i've only broken up with two bfs in the past and the day i said, "i'm over," i meant every single letter, syllable, word in it. you don't break up with someone you still love because then, what's the point??

valentine's day- super fun movie! there were a lot of moments when i wanted to cry but the movie was so fast-paced, you couldn't just wallow which i think was a good thing after watching dear john. nez was right, we should watch dear john first and valentine's day after so we can recover LOL. my favorite line from this movie was what jessica alba said: 

"When you ask a girl to marry you, do you want a girl to just consider you or do you want her to be sure?"  

just a thought...


abby said...

hehe nung umalis kami ni alvin last weekend, on the way kami sa podium sabi ko:

gusto mo manood ng valentine's day?
alvin: sige, ano bang magandang palabas?
ako: valentine's day nga!
alvin: bakit may maganda bang pelikula?
ako: hay.:(

lol...hanap nalang akong dibidi dahil lag si alvin. lol. ah oo nga pala, cute ung outfit mo hehe...:)

KD faustino said...

OH MY GASSSSS!!! super comedy si alvin!!! LOL. go go go! watch valentine's day. super funny :) it didn't even try to be "love actually" naman e. i love the twists :) and watch lovely bones too! im sure you'll love it! :) thanks by the way :) don't you just love the zebra skirt? :) and i can live in this cardigan forever!!!