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happy hour

finally able to see my BFFs for the first time this 2010! can you believe it? but my best friends are self-governed friends which is also the reason why i love love love love them to death :) :) :) nelly and i went on a bora vacation and nezie went to singapore. we were jet setters last month. purita jet setters. LOL.

moving on, it was nezie's bday last january 28 so we had a late chill dinner at som's and CBTL chai lattes in rockwell last night. yes, i did set the trend for chill birthday celebrations which in my opinion are more fun and full of love than donning on a pretty dress and hitting the clubs. i don't know why but i'm all about au naturel these days. i think that the prettiest girls can get away without make-up and wet frizzy messy hair :) or am i just getting old???





  thrifted gray blazer. gold and black striped tank top purchased online. Get Laud leggings. B Club boots and bag. beaded cuff from SM. horn necklace given by a friend. cocktail ring. 

on more fashion/shopping-related news...as i was waiting for nez to finish work, i strolled around powerplant, went to zara and the new collection is to die for. I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole collection is so me!!!! TRF is also getting better and cheaper each and every single time! i think i would've bought the whole collection if i have all the money in the world! the studs, the shoulders, the fur, the sparkly things, nautical stripes, military details, leather, lace and even betty boop is to die for!!!! I LOVED IT!!!

so i had to get myself out of zara before i literally die there and since i wasn't able to contain myself any further, got myself this fab fab fab necklace from girlshoppe :) :) :) nelly said it looked like a snake though :(

last night was too much fun i forgot about how sad i felt when i had to drop my sister to the airport :( :( :( wish i'm in canada already :( :( :( honeybones misses honeybuns and tasty bread already :( :( :(
but my friends are the best best best people in the world!!! can you say the same for you? next date would be on Vday :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

i love your blazer! :x

KD faustino said...

thank you ms./mr./mrs. anonymous ;)