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suck it all in

if you are an avid follower of my blog, you've probably seen this vest in one of my posts. yes, this vest used to be a bolero but i did a little "project runway" with it myself and wahlah! a new military vest with a lot of oomph! to view my DIY project, click here.

thought that the vest would be cute with some bandage skirt but i didn't have one so i did the old trick of using a tube top as a skirt :) however, bandage skirts are for the skinniest individuals on earth and i was trying my best to suck it all in but alas, i still have puson :(



Penshoppe DIY military vest. Mango tube top used as a skirt. military green tank top from Robinson's Department Store. B Club boots. cuff and cocktail ring from a bazaar.

anyway, TGIF!!! went to quiapo today with my mom cos staying in the house is getting a bit boring already. i had a P400 budget for some thrift and DVD shopping but the thrift shop was closed so i hoarded DVDs instead. when i say hoarded, i mean HOARDED!!! i got 15 DVDs! yes, 15 for the price of P400! i know piracy is bad but what can you do when a movie ticket costs P150-200 these days??? i plan to have a marathon tomorrow since i'll be home alone again. the titles:

* New York, I Love You
* Love Happens
* Blindside
* It's Complicated
* Up in the Air
* Lovely Bones
* My Life in Ruins
* The Invention of Lying
* Sorority Row
* Post Grad
* Leap Year
* Whip It 
* Did You Hear About the Morgans
* Couples Retreat 
* Sherlock Homes

PHEW!!! i'll start tonight with Up in the Air since i'm hearing a lot of good reviews about it :) 
oh, was also able to buy a zebra printed skirt from another thrift store while mom was paying for our condo and mom got me some underwear too since my sister brought my fave one to canada. BOO! :(


hollaaaahh to my chictopians :) you guys are the sweetest individuals on earth :) thanks for visiting my blogspot too and for the sweetest and most wonderful comments :) if you have chictopia too but haven't added me yet, please do here.


Marjorie said...

LOVE the vest!
great blog :)
stop by some time xx

KD faustino said...

thank you dear :) will do visit :)