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spring fling


finally something that i enjoyed wearing :) :) :)
you can definitely see the smile on my face, yeah? i realized that all the things that i am wearing here are all given by friends :) so thank you generous abby and nezie :)
i think sheer stockings is really the way to go this summer/spring season.
there's actually a funny story regarding the stocking i was wearing in this picture. so i sent a text to my mom to buy me sheer stockings. a few minutes later she asked me, stockings or pantyhose? i didn't really know there is a difference between the two so i said stockings because i believe that's what's it's called. all i know is that i don't want the ones that fall right into my thighs because i know that it's hard to keep in place. when she got home, she gave me the stockings and to my dismay, i was actually referring to the pantyhose. 





pink striped off shoulder mini dress, black scarf, shoes and cocktail ring all given by friends. random brand sheer stockings. straw hat. Ray Ban aviators.

well at least, i was able to use it somehow except that i was always pulling it up so it won't fall to my knees. 
so still FML.

volunteer tutoring all day today. i'm very-Efren Penaflorida today, i must say.
please pray to God that my student will get a high grade.

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