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rude boy


like i've said in my last post, i'll be getting new skirts and so i did. i will just tell you the whole story about my shopping spree with abby when i do get our pictures from yesterday. 
still waiting for her mail :)

i RARELY go clubbing anymore but i think this is the perfect wear for clubbing while dancing to rihanna's rude boy. i am addicted to that song ever since i saw her perform it in ellen!



one-shoulder top given by my sister. skirt from Landmark. Chanel 2.55. DIY studded gladiator heels from a bazaar. H&M earrings.

i hate when people still brand me as a party girl because i am not ANYMORE
i used to but i don't like it that much anymore. 
i still want to go out once in a while, dance and drink 
but it's not like i'm going to do it every saturday like i used to. 
it's just sad that when you say you've changed...
a lot of people still think of it as a negative thing. 
change is good. 
ever heard of that???


abby said...

hehe which of the skirts did you actually end up getting? yang may button details, ung swing-y at ung tulip with pockets? parang pagod ka sa pic ehehehe...peace. round 2 nga tayo! lol ihahanda ko ung wrist ko hehe...o wag mo na sagutin un at baka madulas ka pa.:D handa ko na nga ung pangswap ko kahiya naman di na nga ko nagising ng 6am di pa ko nakapaghanda. hehe

KD faustino said...

yes. yes. yes. i need to learn to smile with my eyes :P

huwaw! round 2! HAHA! yeah un di tyo maaga magigising at di major pagod.