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pink and gray

so i found these gloves in my mom's headboard today and it was luuuuuuuv at first sight!!!
how and where the hell mom got these??? i must ask her when she comes home cos they are FAAAAAAAAAAAB!!! anyway, i know no one wear gloves in the country. hell, even the ones who live in baguio don't ever and it's cold there. of course, the fashionsitas wear gloves just for the sake of it but i'm sure that the palms are sweating! LOL. but you know what they say, "what you won't do, do for love...FOR FASHION." so here i am with sweaty palms and armpits clicking away while i don on boots, scarf and gloves pretending it is actually snowing outside. LOL.










thrifted pink blazer. Zara white v-neck shirt. gray bazaar from a bazaar. Nautica denim shorts. Primadonna gray ankle boots. gloves from my mom's closet.

anyway, how's your weekend lovelies? :) i've been having a DVD marathon all weekend long because i'm too broke to even go out. i haven't been working for 3 loooong weeks already because i was busy when my sister was here but it will soon end today :( i'm actually excited to get back to work and earn some mollahhhhh!!!

back to my marathon, i've already told you that i loved up in the air, right? :) well, i got to watch sorority row, blind side and it's complicated yesterday. today, i've watched couples retreat. the review:

* sorority row- suprisingly entertaining :) i love love the first few scenes with audrina patridge :)
* blind side- thought it would be heavy drama but it was actually a fun, light-hearted movie :) it was touching and heart-breaking really :) of course, i cried. DUH. sandra bullock was good :)
* it's complicated- i think i expected too much. it was boring and dull. i didn't like it. the best scenes i think were the conversations of meryll streep with her friends because they were hilarious but that's about it. aleck baldwin annoys the shit out of me. 
* couples retreat- i didn't know vince vaughn is a writer and a producer now but anyway, movie was entertaining, sweet and funny all at the same time. eden resort was amaziiiiiiing! i want to go there ASAP!!! must watch if you are with someone :)

tonight i think i'll watch leap year and new york, i love you. wish me luck! <3
to end this, as marcel in couples retreat would say, 
in a good way...okay, boys? =P

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