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monday inspirations

hey y'all :) 
how's your monday going so far?
i'm back to work today but i'm in a good mood so i am able to squeeze in some blog post just for you :) i'm getting back on track faster than i've imagined :) i'm sticking to my usual routine of writing, working out, napping, tweeting, writing and more writing. and oh, i was even able to watch did you hear about the morgans while i was working out and cooking lunch. i think i can possibly be superwoman LOL





photo source: tumblr

so anyway, last night i cooked some squid balls and chicken fingers and paired it with a glass or two (i don't know cos i used a beer mug LOL) of absolut peach 7 while i watched leap year and my life in ruins :) so the verdict: i loved both movies :) :) :) at first i thought that leap year would be another one of those movies with unending series of unfortunate events but it took a turn and actually surprised me :) i really really really believe now that it doesn't matter if you've been together for 4 years or 4 days, you will know in your heart if he's the one. how? you'll just know. you'll be sure as what summer (of 500 days of summer) would say :) since i'm a sucker for movie lines, i love this: "Always kiss as if it’s the first and the last time." 

my life in ruins did not disappoint me either :) Nia Vardalos of my big fat greek wedding never disappoints. i love love love that girl :) i love IRV, pouppi and the setting...ah, greece. someday, we'll be together.

by the way, do you know the meaning of kefi? kefi in greek means joy, passion and enthusiasm. have you found yours? :) 

i need to find my kefi...still.

by the way, please do not watch did you hear about the morgans because it is so dull. major snoozefest, my dears. i love SJP but Zzzzz on this one.

okay, i'm going back to work now. 
happy monday y'all.  

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