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i've worn this skirt far too many times

everyone's guilty of wearing something from their closet over and over again, right? 
well, aside from my white v-neck shirts, this skirt is just way overused! 
and so, i am buying new skirts tomorrow :)

oversized plaid polo from my stepdad's closet. thrifted skirt and chained red bag. B Club booties. cocktail ring from a friend. black beaded necklace from my sister. random colorful beaded necklace. beaded cuff from SM.

aside from shopping, we are going to do something silly and fun tomorrow :) :) :)

see you tomorrow, abby


The Petite Blogger said...

lovely picture!!! and i so love balmain as well!!! all the jackets in ur previous post are just to die for!!!!! check out the one I DIY recently on my blog, it's balmain inspired!!

xoxo jenna

itswhatwewant said...

that's good ;) makin the most out of a smart purchase :D c

KD faustino said...

hi jenna! saw ur DIY and it is amaziiiiing :)

KD faustino said...

i think i got this skirt for only P70 and i've used it for like a 100 times already! SCORE!xx