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innerwear is the new outer wear


so i guess it's really summer already! man, is it hot!!!! if you don't believe me, look at the last picture of me sweating! i didn't intend to gross you out but i only wanted to show you guys my corset. i used to love summer but that was back when summer starts mid-march and not february! i'm telling you, the fashion posts from the philippines will be less inspiring if this weather continues on. sadly, i think it will go on for months :( :( :(

so here i am trying my best to wear the most decent weather-appropriate ensemble without really taking my clothes off. good thing though that the trend now is innerwear being the new outer wear so we all can show off our bras (in this case, corset) without getting too much attention...or that just goes for us un-gifted ones?


thrifted tank top. corset from my grandma's closet. Mango high-waisted jeans. H&M pumps. random gold cuff and cocktail rings.

so how did you weekend go lovelies?

saturday, we all went to cavite for my sister's father-in-law's 40th day. i always love going there even if it's 2 hours away from our house just because i love talking with mama ched. i think she's the funniest and she's smart too. i wish i'll have a mother-in-law just like her too. there was major food overload too from the cebu lechon, morcon, hamonado, beef brocolli, lasagna to blueberry cheesecake (the best!!!!). had a couple of wine too while my mom, mama ched and kuya edcel repeatedly bugged me to find someone who is like this and like that. i swear that if i still get the next one wrong, i just have to strangle myself. LOL.

come sunday, i had my usual movie marathon weekend. i want to get away from my computer on weekends as much as possible. i watched the invention of lying and whip it. 
i love love love love them both! 
the invention of lying was something fresh and different. it kind of makes you appreciate euphemism =P
whip it was surprisingly WOW! as in WOW! never thought drew barrymore can direct so well! the story was great too. had some tear drops there too. i liked that it tackled all the different aspects of a teen's life from family, friends, boyfriends and ambitions. it was realistic and i guess that's what makes it special. ellen page is the cutest and that swimming pool scene was too cute and sweet. watch it and see for yourselves!

monday again tomorrow :( there goes our weekend :(


abby said...

haha yeah...weird siguro if i try this trend at least it suits you. init nga ngayon kaasar. dami mong pinanood...hehe makahanap nga ng dibidi. lol.;) oo nga monday na naman haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

KD faustino said...

korek, bastusin pag someone as gifted as you would try this trend :P wala na, ubos na 15 dibidis that i bought :( sherlock holmes nalang di ko pa napapanuod. have to buy again to enjoy my weekends :P bsta i recommend whip it, lovely bones, up in the air :) the other chick flicks are okay too. happy monday! LOL

Eden said...

love, congratulations on the feature!:) you deserve it. your style is quite chic.:) glad to discover another stylista from the PI!

hope you could show me some love/follow me on my site as well!:) i reciprocate all favours:)


KD faustino said...

thanks lovely :) will do that:)


being miss east said...

yay! i saw WHIP IT a couple of weeks ago and i thought the same thing! the pool scene is the cutest ive seen since romeo and juliet (think: aquarium and bedsheets) ;()

hoep you are having a fun weekend!