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in the navy

after seeing all the nautical stripes yesterday in zara, i decided to rummage through my closet and look for this top. i've had this since my last visit in 168 which was waaaaay back 2006, i think. i think i got this for like P150. i can't remember anymore. i was just keeping it in my closet because i love wearing it when its cold and also at the beach with some shorts when it is not too hot at night :) although nelly is dying for some nautical so i will give this to her the next time i see her :)

i know that the knee high socks is so spring but if i wear this whole ensemble here in the philippines in the morning, i will LITERALLY die of heat stroke!!! 
why is it so effing hot already???






168 nautical top. thrifted skirt. Burlington knee high socks. Possibility oxfords. cocktail rings.

back to my crappy cell phone cybershot :( i miss benj's SLR :( 


libys11 said...

gorgeous shoes!!!

how i miss 168 so much!!! i miss shopping back there!

i just stumbled upon your blog thru chictopia! im definitely going back! :D nice! :D

KD faustino said...

thanks dear :) i haven't been to 168 in ages too!!! it's fun to shop there but it's too hard to get there. traffic, heat and everything else in between for the sake of some fab clothes! LOL.

Catherine said...

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