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sharing something from Eat, Pray, Love yet again...I wish ALL men would be like Felipe. 
t's not all about sex you know and if it's all about it, BYEEEE!!!!



all photos and sources can be found at my tumblr 

FELIPE TO LIZ: "For another thing, I think I know what you're worried about. Some man is going to come to your life and take everything from you again. I won't do that to you, darling. I've been alone for a long time, too, and I've lost a great deal in love, just like you have. I don't want us to take anything from each other. It's just that I've never enjoyed anyone's company as much as I enjoy yours, and I'd like to be with you. Dont worry-- I'm not going to chase you back to New York when you leave in September. And as for all those reasons you told me a few weeks ago that you didn't want to take a lover...Well, think of it this way. I don't care if you shave your legs every day, I already love your body, you've already told me your entire life story and you don't want to have to worry about birth control--I've had a vasectomy."

LIZ: "Felipe, that's the most appealing and romantic offer a man has ever made to me."

And it was. But still I said no.

FELIPE: "That's fine, darling. But come over to my house tomorrow night for dinner, and I'll make you a steak."

Then he drove off and I went to bed alone. 

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