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hello summer!


so i was lying in bed in this dress while waiting for abby to pick me up and i felt kind of weird wearing a summer-y dress in the city in february. but i guess it's really summer already and there's no stopping it! damn stupid global warming! 

on a good note, abby gave me the je t'aime necklace i'm wearing and also an eiffel-printed printed pouch. as if the french stuffs aren't enough, we saw a couple of eiffel and paris-inspired tops at zara and topshop. 
unfortunately, we didn't get any but knowing us, we will definitely go back for it :) 
we did, however, had our fair share of shopping finds. 
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cropped corset. kimono maxi dress used as a skirt. Mirror Mirror studded belt. Rustan's beaded T-flats. thrifted chained sling bag. Forever 21 canvas tote and Je t'aime necklace both given friends. red ring and shades from bazaar. 

1st stop was cafe breton in greenbelt 3 for some brunch and to get our minds going as we shop as early as 11 am! did some shopping then got too thirsty and tired so we headed to SBC in greenbelt 3 too for some refreshments...and we went back to more shopping over and over again...ladies and gentlemen =P

what i shopped for:
two-toned tights from Topshop
three skirts from Landmark

what abby got:
Topshop plastic sandals
to be continued....

what i wished i also got:
 Zara je t'aime/eiffel inspired shirt (didn't buy it cos it was too manipis but realized later on i can put a blazer or a jacket over it)
sweetheart dress from the Landmark (didn't buy it because it shows a hell lot of panty lines but realized i can use it as a top instead with a skirt perharps)
zebra-printed leggings from the Landmark
heart or dotted tights from Topshop

i told you the mall is evil!!!

je t'aime aussi, abby

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