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LOVE month

my sister is leaving tomorrow :( 
it will be a sad, sad, sad day for me :( i
will miss her and my bro-in-law, benj so much!!! i wish i am in canada already :(
the house will never be the same without them :( 

time with them here in the philippines was a blast though from bora to white moon to cavite to vodka and magic sing nights at home :) :) :)

all photos and sources can be seen at my tumblr

and because they are leaving soon, here are my pamanas from my sister's closet:

* beach essentials which i don't know if i'll really use cos i am not particular about putting sunscreen while on the beach...i knoooow! bad bad bad habit!!! not in picture: a net sparkly cover-up, it is fab!!!!!!
* violet zara dress with a fab fab fab neckline! very summer-y!
* american eagle floral dress perfect for summer yet again :)
* another zara dress with a fab neckline too. what is this thing with my sister and necklines?
* another zara dress, this time its LBD. wonder when i'll be able to wear it? HMMM.
* sparkly tights that i was supposed to wear during out member's only night out but then it ran even before we left the house. BOO!!!

sparkly new things (sounds familiar? ahem. won't spill. stalker alert! LOL):
* plains and prints top she got for me while we were shopping last friday in trinoma (had dinner too with ate jing in abe and dessert at conti's)
* studded belt from mirror mirror
* zara plain white v-neck

by the way, i did remove old pictures from my frame and replaced it with a collage of paris, chanel and other things girly :)

about the title, my sister's name is love :)
and it is perfect too cos its love month. yes, my first entry for february. do you guys have a date already??? well, i don't. doors are open :)

do you have an outfit already? hope these will help :)

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