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ages ago, these were my favorite pair of shoes if you can remember so well and if you read my blog all the time. haven't worn it in ages because i'm just so in love with flat booties right now because it makes everything look chic without the pain!
so, that being said, i am selling these gladiators for P500 :)
i initially got it for P1, 800. it's size 9 so anyone who's interested can send me an email. my email can be found at the bottom of the page.
thank you very much :)


TRF off shoulder striped top. People R People DIY distressed jeans. Possibility gladiator heels. Ray Ban aviators. Girlshoppe necklace. silver cocktail ring from bazaar. green cocktail ring given by a friend.  

are you liking my new blog lay out and banner? :)

one of the zippers in the shoe is broken :(
you might need to get it fixed.


abby said...

hehe i like the off shoulder top too bad uknowwhat ung nagbigay pati dun sa cute na cardigan. sakto din na when i saw your cardigan i was bidding on a similar cardi - di parehong pareho pero lam mo na, oversize hehe...gah may kaagaw ako eh so i'm not sure if i'll end up buying it hehehe...i like this look by the way.;) wait, patulan ko ba ung P150 for the circle shades para sa DIY pearl sunnies natin? lol epal nung tindera hmpff

KD faustino said...

HAHAHA!!! i didn't get the "uknowwhat ung nagbigay" pero yeah too bad sya LOL. well at least...u know what i mean LOL.

how much is the cardi in ebay? there's a lot kaya in TRF! dun ka nalang or xoxo too. un sken 999 lang :) in fairness, i love it so much...i can wear it forevahrrrr :P

about the shades, i think P150 is not that bad naman :)

abby said...

eh nagbid ako ng 650 pero sige basta pag umabot na ng 850 to 1k backout na ko hahaha...;p

sige pag nabagot ako sa bahay later i'll try to see if i can get the shades na. haha ano ba ang aga magising ng mga tao! lol...