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brown all over


i got this vest a long time ago from a thrift shop together with the faux fur vest and my gray blazer. i saw a couple of vests too like this in TRF the last time i went window shopping...which is of course good news cos i was able to save tons. i love that you can throw this vest over a plain top and just give the plain look a different twist. i love the cheetah print inside too. if those good points ain't enough, you can remove the hoodie too and put it right back if you want to. click more to see what i'm talking about.





Celine top. thrifted hoodie vest. Get Laud brown leggings. Janeo boots. layered necklaces. cocktail ring from bazaar.

nice too to see the sleeves making a come back :)
and oh, my boots are really over-the-knee boots that i just slouched down to my ankles.

on a personal note, i'm tutoring our family friend today for free because i heard she flunked english last semester :(
do you think i should be Ms. Minchin or Ms. Emily?

so sorry for my lame outfit posts lately. i will say it this once again, it's so hard to dress up in this kind of weather! i can't even put my hair down! i want summer to end already! i'm all about boots and blazers and this weather is just not being friendly to my closet.

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