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all that glitters is gold


i don't know what's with me and winter-inspired outfits because it is soooo hot already!!!! maybe my body is telling me something...like it's a sign. 





thrifted gold trench coat and purse. Mirror Mirror studded belt. tights from Canada. Zara gold ballet flats. Girlshoppe heart cocktail ring. gold ring from Rockwell Bazaar. 

moving on, i forgot to tell you that i've finished reading eat pray love FINALLY!!! i finished it last weekend (thanks to my bora trip and my 3-week long vacay). i certainly love love love it :) happy ending of course :) i plan to read the next one from elizabeth gilbert too which is Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage but i guess i'll read it when i already have a boyfriend or a fiance or something like that. so i guess that would be 5 years from now, eh? =P 

so anyway, here are some lines that i wanted to share with you guys. all lines are said to liz by felipe, her brazilian luvaaaaahh. i need a luvaaaaaaahh too, i think. felipe is the sweetest sweetest thing!!! he is also waaay realistic which is what i love about him :) i think i like older men, EEEEPPP!

"Sometimes I wish you were a lost little girl and I could scoop you up and say, ‘Come and live with me now, let me take care of you forever.’ But you aren’t a lost little girl. You’re a woman with a career, with ambition. You are a perfect snail: you carry your home on your back. You should hold on to that freedom for as long as possible. But all I’m saying is this—if you want a Brazilian man, you can have him. I’m yours already."

"Look, I’m 52 years old. Believe me, I already know how the world works. I recognize that you don’t love me yet the way I love you, but the truth is that I don’t really care. For some reason, I felt he same way about you that I felt about my kids when they were small—that it wasn’t their job to love me, it was my job to love them. You can decide to feel however you want to, but I love you and I will always love you. Even if we never see each other again, you already brought me back to life, and that’s a lot. And, of course, I;d like to share my life with you. The only problem is, I’m not sure how much of a life I can offer in Bali."

thanks again abbs :)

i did remove the belt later on because i think i will glow in the dark already with this outfit. LOL


Kookie B. said...

woah. gold overload! but somehow, you've managed to make the whole outfit work.

love the ring, btw.


KD faustino said...

i knooooooooow!!!!!!! major goldfest!!! thanks kookie :)