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white moon


i'm so sorry for the lack of posts. i did say i'll be busy because my sister is in town so i am updating my blog just now. the schedule was really tight and jampacked! i don't even tweet as much and you know how much i tweet! moving on...

white moon is awesome!!! i swear on chanel, i will go back to this place, don on a dress and some flats. if only i wasn't going to member's only after, i would have not worn this outfit because it is not really sunset-friendly (notice me sweating?). nonetheless, i was able to enjoy the sunset by the bay while sipping some mojito and talkies with my favorite people (benj, my sister and ate jing) :) :) :) 

before that, we had early dinner at makansutra...THUMBS DOWN :( :( :( 
after party with the cousins in member's only and midnight snack at serendra. ended the night with some BV. i just realized that it takes a lot for me to get mad. but i'm glad i was able to release everything out. i made my point. now, i'm moving on.




shoulder padded embellished gray top and booties from SM. thrifted skirt. Anne Klein tights. silver sling mesh bag and cocktail ring both given by a friend.

about the outfit, shoulder pads are bacccccccccccckkk!!!!!!!!!!!! saw the same concept in dorothy perkins yesterday but it was a dress and it was 1.2k...mine's 600 from SM. SCORE!!!

abbs, you'll love it here! lets have sunset dinner here!!! i miss you!!!

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