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i'm back BORACAY!!!


i think this is my 8th or 9th time in boracay already but i never really felt like i'm a tourist in this island before until now :) :) :) 
you would think that family time in bora would be the worst thing ever but it is actually the best thing for me EVER! not much partying and away from all the drama. 
i love love love ambassador hotel :) i love that it is sooo far away from IT ALL. 
even jonah's is sooo far away from our hotel.
station 1 is so quiet and peaceful..total r and r :)

































XOXO oversized cardigan. colored beaded necklace from a bazaar. Charina Sarte cheetah dress. Risque printed calf-length dress. Pink Belter black bikini top. Wahine gray bikini bottom. one shoulder black top from canada. H&M leaf and round earrings. Charina Sarte zebra-printed maillot and cover up. Topshop bandeau bikini tops. Old Navy printed maxi dress and bikini bottoms. Ray Ban aviators. all other shades from a bazaar.

the pictures say it all, i think. if not, here was our itinerary for the whole trip:

lunch at andok's
massage time
dinner at ambassador
drinks at boom boom

breakfast at the hotel
lunch at smoke
massage time again
happy hour in ambassador
dinner buffet at sea wind c/o MOI :)
cocktails at discovery shores

breakfast at the hotel
bulabog for kiteboarding competition
tricycle hopping to puka beach
lunch at puka beach
happy hour at ambassador
dinner at andok's

breakfast at the hotel
lunch and shake time at jonah's

oh, i did catch up on my reading too! I'M NOW IN INDONESIA!!! although i still have a few pages left. around 200 :) i am becoming more and more in tune with liz. i am liz. i swear i am her. lemme share with you a few lines that i loved (most i can relate to):

* Bhuta ia dewa ia- Man is a demon, man is a god. Both true.
* Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel the world looking for it. 
* Even in the worst tragedies and crisis, there's no reason to add to everyone's misery by looking miserable yourself. 

and now for my favorite:
LIZ: I don't think I'm ready for it. I don't feel like going through all the effort of romance again, you know? I don't feel like having to shave my legs every day or having to show my body to a new lover. And I don't want to have to tell my life story all over again, or worry about birth control. Anyway, I'm not even sure I know how to do it anymore. I feel like I was more confident about sex and romance when I was sixteen than I am now.
FELIPE: Of course, you were. You were young and stupid then. Only the young and the stupid are confident about sex and romance.Do you think any of us know what we're doing? Do you think there's any way humans can love each other without complication? You should see how it happens in Bali, darling. All these Western men come here after they've made a mess of their lives back home, and they decided they've had it with Western women, and they go marry some tiny, sweet, obedient little Balinese teenage girl. I know what they're thinking. They think this pretty little girl will make them happy, make their lives easy. But whenever I see it happen, I always say the same thing. Good luck. Because you still have a woman in front of you, my friend. And you are still a man. It's still two human being trying to get along, so it's going to become complicated. And love is always complicated. But still humans must try to love each other, darling. We must get our hearts broken sometimes. This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.

will share some others in my next post. as for now, enjoy the late posts :) :) :) miss y'all!!!

this is one of my shortest trips to bora but the key is in seizing the moment. when you are at a place, don't ever say "when i come back here" or "the next time i am here" and you will definitely feel like 4 days is equal to a month :)


Anonymous said...

gusto ko ung off shoulder top look hehe tsaka ung cheetah print, ung dalawa pinaka flattering - i think.;p

hehe cute nung fur vest!

miss ya, mwah!


dang much said...

thanks abbs :) u didn't like the shoulder pads? hehe :) lets go to white moon, shall we?

Anonymous said...

ah eh ung last two entries kasi kinocommentan ko hehehe...

oo cute din un. mas naaaliw ako sa look mo na may slightly bare shoulder kasi.

buti di nabali likod ng (dad) mo. lol. tama ba dad mo?


dang much said...

HAHA! muntikan na nga mabali HAHA!!! pero so true, im all for the shoulders! one-shoulder and off-shoulder tops are so sexaaaay!!!

Kookie B. said...

jealous of your beach pics! can't wait to hit the beach!!!

and you also surf pala. where do you surf?

KD faustino said...

can't wait to hit the beach again actually :) it's so hot already!!!

yes, i do surf :) mostly zamba and LU. did try in daet once too. you surf too?

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow, lovely photos. Good shot, There a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife. So how is your vacation? is it great?

Tanya Gemarin

KD faustino said...

boracay is my 2nd home! always love going there :) vacay was lovely, thank you very much xx