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guilty as charged



all photos from a trip to Baguio
December 2007

so okay, i'm guilty. i have no new photos to post lately since i'm too busy recovering from the holidays so i just posted pictures from long long long time ago while vacationing in baguio.

so okay, i'm guilty. i'm concentrating too much on chictopia lately that i am neglecting my blogspot already.

 Dear blogspot, 
Huwag ka na magtampo. 
Love, Dang. 

It's just that...i can only post 5 outfits in chictopia a day so i really have a lot of catching up to do! so help me God!

however, i have some great news!!!! i just got a PM two days ago from candy mag asking me if i don't mind them featuring me in their Stylish Girls in Candymag.com feature....but of course i don't mind :) :) :) i will be a slave to fashion!!! HAHA. i will update you once the feature comes out. as of now, i'm in the process of e-mailing to them the answers to the questionnaire they have sent me. THANKS AGAIN CANDY MAG!!!

i had my medical today. tiring but THIZ IZ IT PANZIT!!!
btw, went thrift shopping the other day. got a faux fur vest, a gray blazer and a cropped vest/hoodie <3
don't you hate it when a picture is so damn nice but you ex is in the frame too?

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