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grey and nothing else matters

before i start, did you notice my pictures are fab??? :) thanks to my brother-in-law benj and his trusty SLR :) i am now all for SLR. i am not afraid of my pores anymore. LOL.

and lookie, lookie, THE FAUX FUR VEST!!! the only thing i asked my sister for when she comes home. i love love love it! i sleep with it! =P better than a naked man. oops.














faux fur vest from canada. thrifted gray top. Ralph Lauren bag. gray skinnies from SM. Primadonna booties. Ray Ban aviator. locket necklace and cocktail ring both given by a friend.

so we went to tagaytay to celebrate my  lola's 68th birthday. had lunch at josephine's :) also went to caleruega to reminisce...my sister and her husband are on their 4th year now after marrying in caleruega way back 2006. i am now praying for a niece or a nephew :) :) :) had a dinner reunion at the faustino residence after, super fun too! we miss lola :( i love my cousins :)


Kookie B. said...

i love the vest! woot!

KD faustino said...

thanks kookie :)