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fashion papparazi










i know not all photos are papparazi shots but they are inspiring in one way or another :)
all photos and sources can be found at my tumblr

and now for my own papparazi shot
taken many many years back with my friend E after dinner

thrifted ruffled bolero and red chained bag. Giordano 3/4s top. People are People skinny jeans.

how's everyone? i miss you guys!!! :) i miss blogging here! blogspot will always be my first love <3

so a little update, nothing is really happening in my life right now that is even worth telling you about. however, im lame so im still going to tell you. HAHA!

yesterday, i went to work out at barre3 in the fort. i told you i want to be a yoga devotee so i did my best and went to a class...only to find out that the class was a combination of pilates+ballet+yoga. I DIED!!! i hate hate pilates! however, we all survived the class no matter how hard it was!!! so so tired!! my body is still aching up until now! i think that the work out will suffice for the entire week. HAHA! i am dead beat tired. swear!!!

as if that wasn't enough, i had to endure yet another work out this time c/o of playing too much games in timezone with my nephews. who knew killing aliens and air hockey will be good for the biceps? LOL.

after which, we had dinner at friday's and dessert at krispy kreme. i SERIOUSLY don't know why we even work out. LMFAO!

enjoy the outfits y'all.xx

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