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can't wait for summer!

i'm so so sorry if i've been absent from my blog. i've been way too busy last week and i'm sure i would be hella busier this week and the next! please bear with my blog being stagnant.

anyway, the reason why i'm busy...MY SISTER IS IN TOWN!!! 
yes, my sister from canada is back in the country for 3 weeks :) last week though was a little sad :( the real reason why my sister went home is actually because her father-in-law died :( sucha sad sad moment for everyone but he is with God right now. he is home. we will surely you, daddy benny :(
chanel making summer so chic

i actually stayed in the south for 4 days because i live in the north and i have to hold my sister's hand all throughout the wake and the burial as she held her husband's. never thought i'd enjoy living in the south but i kind of did...surprisingly.

so, this week, we'll be busy too going out. our agenda this week: white moon, the fort night out and tagaytay :)

and next week, we are hitting the beach!!!! so random!!! i just got a call from my sister today saying that we are going to boracay!!! yay! yay! yay! i actually have given up on the boracay thought but i guess it's meant to be! :) :) :) it's so random that my wardrobe is not prepared for a beach trip...so random that i haven't worked my ass out to fit it in that skimpy bikini! i am killing myself this week to get back in shape the fastest way possible! i hope i can still make it *crossing fingers* i have to look good cos my bro-in-law will take pics using his SLR and i am dyiiiiiiiiiiiiing already to cover up all my flaws! HAHA!

on a happier note, i have the faux fur vest already from my sister! im going to use it soon...probably in tagaytay cos im literal like that =P other pasalubongs i'm crazy about:
* RL tote
* bath and body works perfume
* old navy zebra printed maxi dress
* 2 bikini bottoms from the gap
* shiny shimmering tights (it is loooove!)

i forgot the others already! sooo many kc. my sister is love. seriously, she is LOVE. haha!

she also got me this.

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