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i'm in chictopia now










all photos and sources can be found at my tumblr

i finally reopened my chictopia account that i made i think june of last year and posted some of the outfits i've been posting here (too bad i can only post 5 entries a day). i must admit, chictopia makes me happy now that i'm actually forgetting to blog here often. i just love how everybody there loves fashion as much as i do :) i also love all the comments and when people become your fan. im lame...i know. LOL.

best thing that surprised me? kookie buhain :) she is love <3 love, love, love. she's the best! told her i'll give her the clothes i won't be able to bring with me to canada. HAHA! she's really my fave filipino fashion blogger EVER!

anyway, if you want to take a look at my chictopia, click here.

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