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 @ members only and fiama
Hollister tank top. Dorothy Perkins tulip skirt. thrifted cropped denim vest. gray oxford booties from SM. mesh silver sling bag given by a friend. DIY layered necklace. cocktail ring from an accessory store.

my very first post for 2010! i can't wait to share more about fashion with y'all :) I AM CLAIMING THAT THIS YEAR WILL BE MY YEAR! so i am sure that it will show in the outfits :)

2009 was one of my sucky-est years! i swear on chanel that 2009 is really not my year. a lot of trials...from failed relationships, losing friends, unstable peace of mind and that "worst something" i can't share with you guys or even a lot of people for that matter. but you know what? when God gives me trials, He also helps me overcome them :) plus when he turned around the bad things, the good things were actually THE BEST! "good" is an understatement i must say :) :) God is a good God. He is very forgiving. i can never thank Him enough :) :) :)

so even if 2009 can considerably be the worst year of my life, i still ended it with a bang! i don't think i've ever been this excited to end a year! i was so looking forward to 2010 that the last few days of 2009 were actually the best days of my life! plus this can possibly be the last year i will spending it in the philippines so i wanted to make the most out of it and what better way to do that than to spend it with the people i love the most :) :) :)

went to member's only at the fort to drink the night away! tequilla rose got my tummy bloated and patron...Dear Patron, F*** YOU! Love, Dang...LMFAO!!!! yezzzz, patron nights are just beginning!!!! 2010 will be like patron...you don't want to take it but you will! and the aftermath will give you the feeling that you have conquered something...that you can take anything...even the worst kinds like yes, patron :) :) :) BRING IT ON 2010!!!!!!

as if drowning ourselves with patron and tequilla rose weren't enough, the whole gang still went to fiama to get our groove on! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT BEING SINGLE FEELS LIKE! it feels so good that i'm afraid i'll get used to it!!! LOL. plus good news y'all, i really think that i am loosening up! the "carpe diem" side of me is showing her powers tremendously lately! i don't know if this is 100% a good thing but it did felt good that night! i did not sweat the small stuff and just went on wherever the sails took me! I LOVED IT!!!

so speaking of 2010, i really don't have any resolutions...i'm just thinking that i want to be more devoted to yoga. i also want to fulfill my "alone trip" before i get into dating again. i want to be really by myself for a while. but you know, love should not be thought about, i learned. when its there, you feel it. i've read somewhere that it is like a buzzer. it will buzz in your heart telling you that it is the right answer :)

so you know what? i am ready for whatever 2010 will bring to or for me!!! I AM SO READY!!!

i got injured new year's eve c/o our neighbor's flying fireworks :( i have a big bruise on my leg now. its ouchie and its swollen :( but THANK YOU JESUS it's just minor!


Anonymous said...

where in sm did you get your shoes? they're lovely! :P

KD faustino said...

thank you :) they're from SM department store :) please leave ur name sometime, i'll appreciate it :)