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you've been rewarded

Janylin boots

Janylin black studded ballet flats and Manel's red ballet studded flats

when you are 25 and single, no one else will reward you but you yourself alone. did you ever realize that? no more parents to treat you because you've been good. i think this is the part i hate most about getting older LOL.

so as i've said in my past blog entry, i am studying for something really major for three whole days! yes, i only allow myself with the occasional texting, watching TV and going online. but i would like to think that all my hard work paid off :) the exam was easy yet confusing in the end although i think i was able to answer the questions right. i don't want to be too confident though until after 2 weeks when i get the results! EEEPPPP! so scary! like the proctor said, "after this exam, your lives will be changed forever." TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! i think i got teary eyed when she said that...so much hope encapsulates those words.

moving on, i've said too in my past blog that i will have "me" time after my exams today but change of plans! mom went shopping with me so instead of hitting cubao x, we went to robinson's manila. and because i think i did well in my exams, I'VE BEEN REWARDED :) :) :) yes, i've been rewarded by myself not by my mom LOL. i've always been into boots but i've been buying them lately because i am in a "positive, when-you-believe-you-become" streak *hint hint* so there i was in robinson's, being my old indecisive libra self and my mom always the decisive taurus tells me what and why you should buy this and that.

the conclusion:
* tan boots from janylin for P800! super 50% off sale, can you believe it? i am really feeling lucky today! :)
* studded black ballet flats from janylin for P600! i really think this is super cheap considering its janylin and studs are all the fuzz now :)
* the red studded flat pumps are from Manel's. it's my mom's but we have the same shoe size so yay! :)

i am confused though as to why they also call janylin "jana" now. i know juan by janylin but now its jana. hmmm. anyone knows?

the aftermath:
if i get my results and i pass, i will get myself the over the knee boots from B Club. super chic! i don't even know if i can sleep! i felt like cat woman when i wore it! HAHA!
also will be getting the ankle fringe boots from m. nicole ba un? not sure basta one of those dept store brands that are too expensive if you ask me!

PLEASE PLEASE LORD LET ME PASS! it will really change my life FOREVER!


Niki said...

Carrie Underwood? haha, I don't know about that! :)
I absolutly loooooove all of your polaroids that are to the side. They are perfect!


dang much said...

thanks! :) i superrrrrrrrrr adore u too :)