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where is the christmas spirit?



thrifted black top. blue skirt given by a friend. vintage belt from my grandma's closet. Zara gold flats. Girlshoppe cocktail ring.


how was your christmas eve? mine's a little bit dramatic. will expound on that later. as i've said, i am not feeling the christmas spirit this year even if i think this is my last christmas in the Philippines. there is just something in the air this year. i hated 2009. but that would be for me to share on my new year eve's blog.

so i said i'll wear something green but i changed my mind the last minute because the skirt was too short for church plus i'm feeling a little less festive. see? i am wearing flats! but i have to learn the hard way that skirts without tights on christmas eve is just a no-no! i was freeziiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

about the drama on my christmas eve....i said i'll watch the rebound, sip wine and eat ruffles while in my PJs. sad to say, i wasn't able to cos i was too drunk to even keep my eyes open! although mom and i watched new moon while we were having our noche buena. i was trying my best to cry during the break up scenes but there were really no tears AT ALL! and then someone called me...and i cried. i don't know why i did but for sure it wasn't because of the "subject" of our talk. i was just too emotional and the wine was kicking in. my alcohol tolerance is really down these days.

there is one thing i am sure though...i need to take a little time...a little time to think things over. but no, i don't wanna know what love is. i know that already.


our dog, sam greets you too!

Lemme leave you with a merry thought:

♥ Care should be in the heart and not just in words. Anger should be just in words and not in the heart. ♥



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