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shoulder embellished

 Topshop shoulder-embellished black dress. cocktail ring from an accessory store.
what are in the bags?

so yesterday was gift receiving day which is also my fave part about christmas :) well, i also gave out gifts for friends, my grandma, grandpa and mom too :)

my grade one seatmate and friend still, aids gave me the most emotional gift of all time...a picture framed collage of all our good times together :) never mind that my ex-bf was in the picture too...i still loved it :) its sitting now together with all my other picture frames. the best part about the gift was the letter :) i'm always more of "it's the thought that counts" kind of person...read it in starbucks and i actually wanted to cry. you're reading this blog entry, for sure...thanks mare :) you'll be missed and i swear, i'll find my own "levin" too :P

also got a mini notepad from E, another high school/childhood friend who's leaving for the states this december 31 :( i'll miss her but i think i'll see her and aids too in canada next year. yay! :) :) :)

oh btw, i haven't told you guys, i got the best christmas present! i passed the crucial exam that will change my life forever! the one i was telling you about 2 weeks ago! I DID IT!!! i got the letter last friday and i'm 70% sure already that i'm leaving the country sooner or later. i'm claiming that i'll leave on april :) i thought that my 2009 sucked but this might be the best year ever! :) :) :) GOD IS SO GOOD :) HE IS A FORGIVING GOD :) :) :)

my friend abby  also gave me an overloaded gift bag with two plain shirts in black and gray, locket necklace and earrings :) never mind that she did not put a gift tag, it comes with an explanation and i understand :) she's in somewhere nice right now, having a vacay that is too die for! can't wait for her stories when she comes back! :)

so...what are in the bags? a certain J took me on a shopping spree in greenbelt saying i can pick out anything i want with a P2,000 budget and i being the kapalmuks that i am, went crazy looking for the perfect finds =P so what did i find? i got a gray BF cardigan from XOXO first :) then i was at zara and i was torn between two tops (a one-shoulder striped top from TRF and a studded top from Zara)...actually, i wasn't the only one who was torn...J also liked both so i was surprised when J got up from where J was seating and went straight to the counter, paying for the 2 tops. yezzz, so much for the P2, 000 budget =) not complaining though, i am very grateful :) :) :)

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