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sack race




polo given by a friend. thrifted fringe top used as a skirt. Janylin peep toe oxfords. DIY layered necklaces. cocktail ring from an accessory store.

do you remember this fringe? i've worn it before as a top (here) because well, it is really a top. i just thought that it would look nice too as a skirt...although i know that most of you would think "ati-atihan" or it looks like a sack but for me, it is just another quirky skirt :) i do think it is also so perfect with the polo abby gave me :) i've worn the polo too before but i removed the ribbon around the neck this time. i absolutely love this polo! i love the sleeves and i love that it is very dramatic! i love the color and the cuffs at the wrists! :) although it is a little hot to wear in my beloved tropical country. HMPF. well, what else is new?

i'm all about making funny faces today LOL

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