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over-the-knee boots



Folded and Hung gold sparkly top. thrifted shorts and white quilted bag. Janeo over-the-knee boots. cocktail ring from an accessory store.

i intially wanted thigh high boots but instead i got the over-the-knee boots (although it keeps on falling when im walking) cos it was on sale for P800 only (from P1400!) :) :) :)

so this is what i wore last saturday during my "lagari" LOL. met up with my HS lovelies eiya and aids for lunch at italiani's in bonifacio high street. like i've said, E is leaving for the US on the 31st and we needed to just see each other before she leaves. aids is claiming that this is our last christmas all together :( still, i am happy for all of us...our dreams are all becoming a reality already :) :) :)

so sorry though if i won't be able to grant your wish, E. im a good friend but once you've done something to me, it will just really take a while before things will go back to normal. it actually won't go back to that, i think. i don't want to pretend that things are okay when they are not. as i've said, i don't want to do things halfheartedly. if these people were my best friends, i would think twice but they are not. i don't even remember a time when they were cos honestly, they were fair-weathered. i will never give anyone the opportunity to offend me again...fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. forgiveness is an easy concept until you have someone to forgive. so yes, i am still praying for the time when God will grant me the gift of forgiving those people who have hurt me. i know that the time will come but it is not NOW. i hope everyone will just respect that and not arrange set-ups.

moving on...went to greenbelt to watch avatar in 3D :) i love love love avatar :)  michelle rodriguez is so HOT. girl crush alert! :) so worth it! last saturday was actually the best :) :) :)

i have some bad news though...my HK trip with abby on january  30- february 2 won't push through :( i have 45 days to surrender my passport to the canadian embassy and they will be holding it until God knows when! i'm really really sad about this because i know i am disappointing abby and i was really looking forward to this trip :( it doesn't even matter if i won't be able to refund the ticket because frankly that is not the reason at all why i am upset :( nonetheless, if this is what it takes for me to go to canada then so be it! i am not complaining. God is so good and HK will still be there...always...for now, lemme do whatever it takes to go to canada :)


i am grateful that i am inspiring people about fashion :)
thanks aids for that note, glad i'm an inspiration :)
and you too are a sister to me. loves you p**p** :)

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